Irish Rover Quiz 💡 Hint for Dec 1st


See you tonight

$10 a team, winner takes the pot.

Plus, the rollover bonus question
gives you another way to win…
 Jackpot = $100 

New teams ALWAYS welcome 

Check back tomorrow at 3pm for a round-up of tonight’s
events including scores, updated standings and more



Stay Puft, donuts, cowgirls and scores (n such)


June 6th, 2013

*Hey Man, Nice Marmot 5900*

Bangarang 5600

Halal, Is It Meat You’re Looking For? 5500

Endangered Feces 5200

Quiz On My Face and Tell Me You Love Me 4800

The Analrapists 4800

Top-Thrill Dragster 4700

Alcohooligans 4400

Igor, Nuthin 4400

The Government Is Reading This 3200

Mouse Rat 3200

mmmmm, donuts.


Hey Man, Nice Marmot 188,800

Endangered Feces 166,600

Halal, Is It Meat You’re Looking For? 161,600

Quiz On My Face and Tell Me You Love Me 157,500

Bangarang 143,500

Congrats to this week's pub quiz winners: Hey Man Nice Marmot!

ROUND UP 6.7.13

Edgar Allen Poe - poor guy. Mad rude obituaries, part one.


Sweet ass king dinosaur, Bangarang


cleverly incorrect, mouse rat

This weekend, you’re fully allowed to slap anyone you know named Andrea. That’s how this tropical storm thing works.

I’m leaving this gif up from last week, by the way, so just enjoy it:

Your quizmistress,

An Andrea to slap, perhaps?