Pub Quiz, The Morning After: Scores and Such

Facial Hair Amazingeness


March 14th, 2013


*The Greek Army Never Leaves Its Boy’s Behind 5600*

Hey Man, Nice Marmot 5400

Bangarang 5400

Quiz On My Face and Tell Me You Love Me 5300

Halal, Is It Meat You’re Looking For? 5000

Dusty Rhodes Scholars 4900

Alcohooligans 4500

Cunning Linguists 4400

# ADC 4300

Endangered Feces 4200

st pats


Hey Man, Nice Marmot 125,600

Endangered Feces 102,800

Alcohooligans 96,600

Halal, Is It Meat You’re Looking For? 95,800

Quiz On My Face and Tell Me You ❤ Me 95,800


Congratulations to Greek Army for squeaking out the win even after I so unceremoniously dissed your early low scores… way to bounce back. I’d say it’s a Cinderella story but you’ve won a million times, so… I won’t say that. You can be proud of the fact that you made everyone else feel like dotards, though. Although, last night’s quiz was a VERY high scoring game in general. Everyone scored 4200 points or higher. Not sure if anyone else is keeping track but the lowest score of the season was a mere 2200 points! Because it’s fun to call people out, that score was achieved by the brilliant minds behind:

3 Bitches


Pumpkin Lads

I present you with the

lowest score award

Anyway, in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, on to bawdy humor:


Cunning Linguists because it sounds like something else. As you know by now, wordplay of any kind gets high praise from me but especially dirty word play. For those of you with purer minds and therefore in need of clarification, this sounds like the word for licking




At least to me, it does.


You Have the Weirdest Combination of Doodles, Greek Army
You Have the Weirdest Combination of Doodles, Greek Army
WIsh I Could Have Marked This Right, #ADC
Wish I Could Have Marked This Right, #ADC
Not Entirely Sure Where You're Going with This, Bangarang...
Not Entirely Sure Where You’re Going with This, Bangarang…

(click the picture of this awesome and very committed green hair dude)


Your quizmistress,

May you have a very happy St. Patrick’s Day, Quizbitches

Matt with Most Interesting
BTW – Thank you for bringing him back to us, Mike.

Trivia Week Four: Quiz Prep

Hope all you quiznerds are rested and raring to go. You have but a few remaining hours to brush up on whatever topics you think we’re going to focus on tonight. Quantum physics. That’s not the clue. Or is it? No, it isn’t.  The clue could show up when you least expect it. You could read this 90 or more times and still never see it pop up in front of you. Or you could exert all your cleverness and get it on the first read-through. You hold the power.

So, take a shower, eat some spinach, watch a movie or something and head on to the Rover to ruin all your chances at productivity tomorrow. Hey, trivia is worth the pain. No pain, no $90, or whatever the pot may be…

See you tonight, good luck…

Your quizmistress,