Trivia, Week Four

Week four already, and team Winning, Duh has not once been defeated. Can they be? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Get your smart-ass team together, get to the Rover at 7:30, and then strap ’em on. Your thinking caps, that is. What did you think I meant? Sheesh.

See you all tonight.

And tomorrow – hungover or not – make sure to check back here:

Morning After, Week Four

Pub Quiz: The Morning After, Scores and Such | Week Three

Season #6, Quiz #3

April 7, 2011


*Winning, Duh : 5900*

Dazed and Confused : 5500

Comeback Kids : 5300

Team-O-Cil : 5200

Tar Bruins : 4900

Spuds ‘R Us : 4600

Black Stella : 3300


(for the three teams that have played all quizzes, with the same team name)

1. Winning, Duh : 17,500

2. Dazed and Confused : 14,100

3. The Comeback Kids : 12,900

First, congrats once again to team “Winning, Duh” who has swept all three quizzes so far! The margin of that winning, though, has gone from a whopping 1200 points the first week to only 400 points this week. The other teams are steadily creeping up, so it’s still anyone’s season!

Second, I want to call out all the teams who were MIA or changed their team name last night, remember the potential championship, people! You must be in it to win it, and all that. Work it out.

I expect to see all of you next week, am I making myself clear? Woh sorry, got  a little less quizmistress and slightly more headmistress on that one.

All right, so study up and get your asses to the rover next week to try your hands once again at the ever-elusive enigma that is the Irish Rover Pub Quiz.


PS: √Check out last week’s post, if you missed it:

Scores and Such, Week Two

Trivia, Week Three

Already mentally preparing for pub quiz? Speculating what mind-bending categories we’ll throw at you?  If not, you better hurry up, it starts in two hours! Fear not, though, for that’s plenty of time to get your team together. We’ll bring the #2 pencils, you just bring your charming personalities…

But no matter what the categories are tonight, the most important question is: who can beat Team Winning, Duh??? Check back here tomorrow for scores, standings and a few borderline-inappropriate comments about the evening.

See you all soon, Irish Rover, $10/team, 7:30. Good luck!

Pub Quiz: The Morning After, Scores and Such | Week Two

Season #6, Quiz #2

March 31, 2011


*Winning, Duh : 5600*

Crawlers : 4600

Comeback Kids : 4500

Dazed and Confused : 4000

The Irish Lobes : 4000

You’re the Reason I Drink : 3800

Edamame : 3700

Scrotal Recall : 3600

Moops : 2900


(so far, for the three teams that played both quizzes)

1. Winning, Duh : 11600

2. Dazed and Confused : 8600

3. The Comeback Kids : 7600

Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone. Hopefully you have tinfoiled or plastic wrapped someone’s desk or toilet by now. If not, it’s still early, so hop to it.

Thanks to the nine teams who participated last night in second quiz of  the season! Your drunken brilliance is what keeps us going.

As we announced last night, we may be trying to come up with a championship quiz, so if you want to participate in that please keep your charming team names the same each week. Of course, there are no promises, but if it does happen, it will be based on the total scores for each team. Oh, so of course it also helps if you show up each week. So do that.

So, see you all next week for more brain-melting fun.

In the meantime, instead of working, admire/try these:

Huffpost Prank Slideshow

Your quizmistress,


PS: √Check out last week’s post, if you missed it:

Scores and Such, Week One

And as promised, team-submitted art:

Trivia, Week Two

Looking forward to Rover quiz number two, tonight at 7:30!

Hope to see all the teams from last week, and then some. You have less than 4 hours left to get a team together, so work it out!

Just in case anyone needs help keeping track of your team’s scores, I uploaded a tally sheet.

Team Score Tally Sheet

If you don’t like drunkenly scribbling your team’s progress (or, depending on the situation, lack there of) on the back of a napkin, print this out so you can instead drunkenly scribble what look like numbers, at least to you, on this oh so straight-forward sheet.

Good luck everyone, see you shortly

When: 7:30

Where: The Irish Rover, 38th St and 28th Ave

Pub Quiz: The Morning After, Scores and Such | Week One

Season #6, Quiz #1

March 24, 2011


*Winning, Duh : 6000*

Astorian Dream Team : 4800

Dazed & Confused : 4600

Cuchuillan : 4300

The Short Bus** : 3100

Thanks to everyone who participated last night in the inaugural quiz of the sixth season of the Irish Rover Pub Quiz! That includes, of course, the five extraordinary, scholarly teams (“Winning, Duh”, “Astorian Dream Team”, “Dazed & Confused”, Cuchuillan”, and “Short Bus”) as well as all the other happy Rover patrons (and even some of the ornery ones.)

!Congrats! to the appropriately named “Winning, Duh” who brought home the $50 pot with the high score of 6,000 points. The correct quote is “Duh, winning” but we’ll let it slide.

See you all next week, Thursday March 31st, at 7:30. Bring your friends and definitely your arch enemies. And ten bucks. And money for drinks. But no cell phones. Grr.

**Update 4/1/11: The Short Bus has found some confidence and has requested a name change to the Comeback Kids.

Trivia Returns to the Rover!

Spring is in the air and that means one thing: Trivia is back at the Rover!

Astoria, New York’s most popular Irish Pub hosts the world’s most kick-ass trivia event now on Thursday nights.  Bring some friends, order some beers, answer some questions and maybe win some money.

Once the hangover subsides, don’t forget to check back here the next day for the nightly roundup.

So join us tonight for some class pub trivia.  And, remember, the drunker you get, the smarter you feel.